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WGC Newsletter No 20 – 10 August 2014

Gold for Kawa and Staryszak, bronze for Wójcik

Poles are World Champions!

It is a great success of Polish glider pilots at 33rd World Gliding Championships in Leszno. Sebastian Kawa managed to defend his title of World Champion in the 15-metre Class, Karol Staryszak won the gold medal in the 18-metre Class. His partner in the class, Łukasz Wójcik, has the bronze medal. The World Champion in the Open Class is Michael Sommer from Germany.

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Winners 09

News 09

09 August 2014
I had to change today’s task twice, from the RT of about 400 kilometres to 300, and then to 250. The reason for that was the weather front which is moving towards us from the western direction, as well as late appearance of thermal conditions, cloudless at thirst, and then with 1/8 Cu. Also those small clouds escaped to the east, and over the airfield there was no lifting. Take-offs were started at 12.40, and at 2 p.m. first competitors started their route. The originally low lifting range increased quickly. They are flying. We can expect them back in 2 hours. We can observe an alto zone approaching the airfield from the western direction, but the fact poses no risk to the competitors. JM


WGC Newsletter No 19 – 9 August 2014

The last hot day of Championships

This is the last day of 33rd World Gliding Championships in Leszno. Since early morning, it has been very hot in the airfield – this concerns both the weather and the atmosphere. Excitement reaches its peaks, especially because the general classification has not been definitely decided yet.

At the very end of 33rd World Gliding Championships, the weather is encouraging for racing tasks of long-distance routes, which are pilots’ favourite. On Friday, task routes were of the length of 360 to 400 kilometres.

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We would like to invite all gliding enthusiasts for the Closing Ceremony of 33rd World Gliding Championships, which is going to be held on Sunday, 10th August, at 11 a.m. in Cental Market Square in Leszno.

Winners 08

news 08

08 August 2014
There was no sun in the sky above Leszno this morning. At first, a thick layer of middle-height clouds was getting darker and darker with the course of time. At about 8 a.m. there was a shower, and still, there was a line of alto clouds. But in the western part of the sky a blue patch started to glimmer beautifully. Just as it was said in today’s weather forecast, the patch was getting closer and closer. Today we fly a racing task of 350 to 398 kilometres, to spread flights in time. Take-offs started at 12.15 with 4/8 of Cumulus clouds cover and a weak northern wind just above the ground. Flying starts are set for about 1.30 p.m., and then about 3 hours of flying along the route. You can watch the gliders at Live Tracking. JM

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WGC Newsletter No 18 – 8 August 2014

Leaders increase their advantage

Two days before the end of 33rd World Gliding Championships, the leaders of the total results’ list increased their advantage over the other competitors. It is good news especially for supporters of the Polish team – Sebastian Kawa and Karol Staryszak have more and more chances for gold medals, and Łukasz Wójcik for a silver one.

33rd World Gliding Championships can be divided into two basic phases. During the first several days, the weather was favourable for relatively complicated area tasks, where tactics played a significant role. After the first week finished, the conditions appeared for racing tasks, where it is important who comes back first after covering the route. It was like that also yesterday, when pilots were given a polygon-shaped task of the length of over 300 kilometres.

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 Safety briefing about entering thermals by Robert Danewid is available in section "Documents & Files" or by clicking on the picture

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07 August 2014
Yesterday’s competition showed that it is not worth waiting with starting to go along the route, competitors who started later had weaker lifting conditions and appeared at the finishing line very late or even outlanded. Today, with cumulus clouds developing locally in an intensive way, most pilots tried not to make the same mistake. They started the route early. For each glider class, there is a task of over 300 km, with four turning points, and the final glide from the eastern direction. In the sky within the range of the competition, there are areas with too many cumulus clouds, and also there are areas where lifting conditions are very weak. At the moment, gliders are over Zielona Góra and they are turning to the south. It is going well, the speed they reach should be good. They are flying. JM

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WGC Newsletter No 17 – 7 August2014

It’s tight in the lead, each flight counts

Gonzalo Riera from Argentina, Andreas Kessler from Romania, and Andrew Davis from Great Britain are the winners of the seventh competition of 33rd World Gliding Championships. Poles, Sebastian Kawa and Karol Staryszak are still the leaders in the general classification.

The seventh competition of the Championships was classic: a race along a polygon-shaped route, on the distance of about 300 kilometres. The weather conditions were favourable to the majority of pilots to cover the whole distance. In the 15-metre Class, Argentineans were the fastest to do it: Gonzalo Riera won, followed by his younger brother Sebastian, and Steven Raimond from Holland was the third. Our representative, Sebastian Kawa, was the 12th, but he is still strong at his leading position in the general classification. The rest of Poles, Łukasz Grabowski and Jacek Flis outlanded, which cost them a lot of points. At present, in the general classification, Grabowski is 16th, and Flis takes the 22nd position.

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